Employee Check In Lines

Schedule security check in times for employees that work alone to ensure their safety in addition to conforming to general safety regulations.

Your employees are your responsibility, keep them safe and give yourself peace of mind knowing Alliance is monitoring them 24/7! Alliance offers check in services as well as fail to respond type services, monitor your employees and ensure their safety 24/7 whether they are out in the field or at the office.

On site

We provide you a number for your staff with a 24 hour local or toll free # that they call when leaving/ returning to a premises or for scheduled check ins. We can make sure your lone worker has the security of knowing someone is keeping tabs on them. Your account is programmed with a reminder so in the event the employee fails to check in we will promptly contact them and provide you with all reporting.

In the field

If you have workers who work alone and are in the field let Alliance help keep them safe. Whether they are in confined spaces or simply dangerous situations we carefully co-ordinate a step by step procedure that our operators will follow to ensure your staff are safe and respond within the designated timelines. In the event that there is a problem all calls are digitally recorded for your records so that due diligence can be provided. Alliances’ Customer Service Representatives are trained to respond to calls calmly and efficiently ensuring a professional process and that we do everything we can to keep your staff safe.

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