Unable to answer as your staff are assisting callers on the other line, call forward/no answer after a pre-determined ring will route your line into our toll free number 24/7. All lines being utilized and your clients can’t get through? Call forward/busy will eliminate these frustrating busy signals and potential lost calls.

Multiple lines ringing and your Receptionist is speaking with one of your clients on the other line. Don’t interrupt your callers or place them on lengthy holds. Alliance Communication’s Customer Service Representatives are equipped to answer multiple lines on each toll free # that we assign. Have your lines programmed to ring into our toll free # after a pre-determined ring so all your Clients get the care and attention they deserve.

Marketing Efforts

New marketing or advertising campaign can create added traffic for your staff let us handle the additional traffic while you concentrate on sales. Alliance Customer Service Representatives have you covered! We will secure details, answer FAQ’s and relay pertinent information so you never miss another opportunity. Uncertain of your marketing efforts response utilize one of our 800 numbers and let us track the results for you!

No Busy Signals

Ever receive that frustrating busy signal and finally give up? The call forward/busy service will automatically route your calls to Alliance if all lines are being utilized. (also saves the expense of investing in additional lines). With our professional and friendly Operators and all details available at our fingertips it is a seamless transfer of calls.

Never lose a call

Your calls are too important to be potentially lost to your competition. Don’t leave them unattended or take a chance on hang ups again. Alliance Communications’ professional staff will increase your business one call at a time!

Transparent call handling

Alliance’s professional Operators will greet your callers the same way you would with the ability to patch the caller to a cell phone, back line or direct to an extension. Or simply list all your personnel and we will notify them immediately with details via an email or text. Callers don’t always expect to reach a business person right away. We can simply advise the caller that you are currently on the other line, with a client or have stepped away from your desk and you will return their call as soon as possible or time frame you wish relayed.

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