Toll Free Services

Exclusive Toll free telephone numbers that work throughout North America are provided for call forwarding purposes to avoid long distance fees from your location to ours with the option of advertising this number at no additional cost. Vanity numbers can also be investigated.

There was a day when making a long distance call could cost hundreds of dollars and take minutes to make the connection ! In 1876 a call from New York to San Francisco could take in excess of 20 minutes to set up. The good news is that today you can benefit from toll free call service and we will provide you the number at no charge. Toll free numbers can help you expand your business by giving you reach into different time zones, let Alliance help you grow.

Open Up New Markets

Don’t limit yourself to local business. Advertise our toll free # on your website or marketing material and gain the confidence and trust of new clients. Expand in to new areas with an established 24 hr toll free # that will be greeted by a warm and knowledgeable Alliance Representative ready to assist.

Deal with different Time Zones?

Advertise our toll free # and your clients will be taken care of regardless of when you close your doors. Your clients will be able to call anytime and your hours will increase with your revenue!

Vanity Numbers

Alliance has a large assortment of toll free #’s on reserve but in the event you want a number that is significant to your business we will conduct a search. Whatever your needs are Alliance Wireless is here to take care of you and your callers!

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