Virtual Receptionists

Professional Telephone Answering Service and customized solutions allow for a seamless transfer of your calls to Alliance Wireless Communications call agents. We are your specialized receptionist 24/7 with immediate message notification via email, text, phone or scheduled recaps. We can take your calls during regular business hours, after hours, during busy periods or 24/7 and you only pay when your line rings!

Alliance Wireless Communication’s Virtual Receptionist Service gives you the convenience of having your office open 24/7. A missed call can be a lost opportunity, whether you are a plumber, electrician, lawyer or doctor or other service provider/professional.

When a potential client calls they need to know that you will be available for them, especially in high stress situations. With Alliance call services in place you can be confident that they have reached a skilled, live operator who will handle the call accurately and professionally. Your Alliance virtual receptionist can handle appointment bookings, reservations, cancellations and company inquires. Call services such as the virtual receptionist give you an office presence when you are on the road or busy with other clients ensuring you don’t miss any opportunities.


Unlike staff, the Virtual Receptionist can answer your calls at a moment’s notice to help during a peak period or across lunch breaks. Other features such as call forward/no answer can be placed on your line 24/7 which will route your line into Alliance after a pre-determined ring or call forward/busy in the event all lines are being utilized.

Cost effective

With a Virtual Receptionist you have no benefit costs, recruiting costs, no vacations, no raises, no worries. You pay your virtual employee by the second and only when your line rings. We will also work closely with you to ensure you are on the right rate plan.


Alliance Communications is a full Telephone Answering Service and offers the ability to answer many concurrent calls. If your business is in the growth stage, we can meet your needs as you develop. Whether you need a single virtual receptionist or multiple receptionists we will be there for you and your clients.


Our services include simple set up forms and is easy to use. When you join Alliance, we fill out a criteria sheet that includes information that we need to have on file and anything additional you wish to provide. Our programmers work as private eyes, ensuring all questions are asked, and all potential calls have a plan of action, based on your specifications. Simply call forward your phones to our service and we will be here ready and prepared to take your calls.

Call Triage

With a virtual receptionist you can be assured you will get the important calls when you need to, with the ability to patch live calls to your cell or dispatch emergency calls using SMS or email and a confirmation period. You have complete control of your calls and can choose to handle them as required. Think of Alliance as a triage for your calls, allowing you the convenience of handling non-urgent calls when you have more time.

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