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Brad French Inducted into the Youth Diversion’s Foundation of Success

On the evening of February 23rd Youth Diversion hosted a Donor Recognition Event to honor this year’s past donorsbrad-french-and-daren-youth-diversion-donor-recognition and funders.

Youth Diversion is an organization based in Kingston, Ontario that is committed to helping youth overcome challenges (

Community champions including Brad French, President of Alliance Wireless Communications, were recognized and inducted into the Agency’s Foundation of Success.

He established a sustainability fund for Youth Diversion through the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area.

“I created this fund to ensure that the essential services of the Youth Diversion Program would always be provided to the youth that need our communities help the most.”

Through matching donations from Alliance Wireless Communications and other local businesses and community leaders, this fund will continue to grow and allow Youth Diversion to continue to support youth in our community to overcome challenges.

Brad French is pictured left with Daren Dougall in front of the Wall of Success.

“The Wall of Success is essentially an avenue for the agency to recognize those people who made a substantial impact on the organization over a long period of time. A combination of volunteer work, enhancing the profile of the agency and ensuring financial sustainability.” Shawn Quigley Executive Director. 


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