Do You Work from Home or Live at Work?

Do You Work from Home or Live at Work?

Your friends and family think you’re lucky. You skip rush hour traffic, never have to worry about the office gossip, and fluffy pajamas and flip flops are your Casual Friday wardrobe.

You probably feel pretty lucky too. More than a job, your work from home career is your passion. You have the freedom to create and carry out your personal vision, on your own schedule.


But what you and your loved ones don’t realize is that those who work from home experience more stress than their traditionally employed peers. According to a study published by the United Nations International Labor Organization in February 2017, 41% of participants who work from home experienced job-related stress. Only 25% of their office-bound counterparts reported the same.

What causes home entrepreneurs to lose their cool?

  • Lack of organization that makes it difficult to get your work done.
  • Poor physical boundaries.
  • Goals that are unrealistic or not clearly defined.

Prolonged stress can ruin your health and chip away at your personal relationships.

Take Control!

Don’t let work-related stress destroy your home-based career. These simple tips help you organize your life, so the lines between work and life hours stay clear.

  • Defend your space. Choose a spot in your home that is dedicated to work and ONLY work. It will be easier to stay focused in a devoted space. And when you leave your work area, you are magically transported back to real life, completely unconnected to your business.
  • Outsource. Consider hiring a temporary assistant to help with heavy project loads. A virtual assistant can help organize your schedule and provide personalized customer service to your clients.
  • Take more breaks. Sounds counterintuitive, but frequent short breaks give you the opportunity to take care of smaller chores. You won’t be tempted to stop working when you remember these small details.
  • Plan your work. Base your daily to-do list on your long-term business goals. If your financial goal is to make $10,000 this month, break that down into a daily amount. When you reach that, you can be done for the day without guilt.
  • Stand your ground. Make regular visitors, roommates, and other cohabitants aware of your work schedule.

Stress doesn’t have to hold you back from creating the lifestyle and career you desire. With a little forethought, you can combat the causes of work from home stress.

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